I need to count how many outfits I've done so far.

Thursday, February 17, 2011 § 0

Well, it's Thursday, and here it is:
I call this the 'leftover' outfit. I had this crazy ambitious outfit on this morning, but when I came downstairs the mamas shot it down. Of course, I take everything she says about what I wear to heart, and changed with the speed of light before heading out. I should have just gone for it, but there's always next week, right?

Today was one of those weird days. I just feel like I wasn't myself today. I made tons of mistakes and made people angry and made myself angry and absorbed people's emotions like a sponge. It's just....one of those days.
Oh, well. My leftover outfit was nice, I think. I don't even care that I wore the same scarf two days in a row!

Had a productive workday today, as you can see:

 Diet Coke makes the world go 'round.

Something fun that happened today:

My best friend's boyfriend hatched a master plan to ask her to prom, enlisting me as the photographer.  He waltzed into our Government class with guys playing love songs on an ipod speaker and a handful of balloons, dressed to the nines.  This is a picture of him asking, and her saying yes!

They're the sweetest.  

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