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Disney and Wizarding World, finally!!

Saturday, December 31, 2011 § 0

It's the new year, and I'm going to go ahead and jump the resolution gun by posting all of the photos and posts that I meant to post weeks ago.

SOOO here's a little bit of our trip to Universal Studios and Disney World!
Our new favorite place in the whole world. 

Traditional english breakfast served in The Three Broomsticks!

Butterbeer.  So. effing. GOOD. 

Look at all the Potterheads. 

Round 2!


Getting London-crazy in the Epcot center!

Please hold. DanRad's on the phone. 

And back to Disneyworld for a few more rides.  We had an AMAZING time!

WOW I have not posted in forever.

Thursday, December 22, 2011 § 0

And that's because I've been at Disney World and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!!  Pictures and videos to come up soon.

While this week has been absolutely amazing (it was our first time at both parks) it's been filled with stress, too.  A professor accused me of plagiarism, I'm freaking out over grades, and nothing seems to be working out for me the way I planned it.  BUT that's life, and as Christmas is fast approaching I think it's time to dispense of the depressing posts and continue with the magical and fun posts.

Therefore, here's a Christmas Harry Potter picture to make this post less sad.

New room.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011 § 0

So, since the current side of the dorm building that we live on is about to go under construction, we get to move to the other side of the building that is newly renovated.  We even got the chance to pick fourth-floor rooms, which are basically the mansions of Parmalee (not really, but that metaphor got out of hand).  They've got vaulted ceilings, freshly painted walls in nice colors (tan and light olive green, so soothing), and a bathroom that looks like the inside of a Holiday Inn.  And I LOVE the Holiday Inn.

We got the chance to go up there and check it out, and oh my damn...that is some spacious shit.  It got the cogs turning in my head, thinking about how I'm going to decorate my side of the room and I found some pretty beautiful pictures for inspiration on Pintrest:

I'm so excited.  

Pictures of the completed dorm will probably not be available until after'll take us a while to decorate this baby!!

Also, check out my new vlog by clicking on the link in the above right corner.  

Happy, happy Tuesday, 

I'm having a hard time focusing.

Saturday, December 10, 2011 § 0

There are a lot of things going through my head, and a lot of attractive college boys wandering through the halls of the library.

It's not my fault the internet works so well in here. And is so fast. And streams videos really quickly.

It's...not my fault.

Happy studying,


I just wanted you guys to see this.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011 § 0

Because I can't stop watching it.

This looks so cute, and I'm in love with both Emily Blunt and Jason Segel.

PERF. Can't wait.

Also, check out my new vlog by clicking on the link in the upper right!

Until later,

Downtown Denver.

§ 0

When I wrote that title, I accidentally wrote 'Downton' instead of 'downtown'.  I've got Downton Abbey on the brain!  God, I can't wait for the Christmas special.

ANYWAY... I went to the Denver Parade of Lights this weekend.  

And then we went ice skating on Saturday....

Taking forever to put on my skates....

Colorado is such a beautiful place to live.  

Happy holidays from me to you,

P.S... here's a video originally for my family but here I am, sharing it with you.  Enjoy. 

Happy Birthday.

Thursday, December 1, 2011 § 1

To my wonderful, beautiful, smart, hilarious big sister; my best friend for 18 years. 
You are 21 now so enjoy your newfound freedom (with the alcoholz) and never forget how beautiful and amazing you are.  I LOVES YOU OKAY? 

Happy 21st.  

Today was an ordinary day.

§ 0

And yet, it was great.  It's the little things, folks, the little things.

Here are my little things:

1. Waking up to snow.

2. Skipping class and watching an old Christmas movie with my roommate.

3.  Impromptu trek across the snow-covered campus for a sandwich with a friend.

4. Eating creamsicles in 20 degree weather.

5.  Trying to sled with a laundry basket but falling face-first into the freezing snow instead.

6.  Running on the track for the first time.

7.  Rewarding myself for (sort of) not cheating on my running with a dinner of watermelon slices.

8.  Pez for dessert.

9.  A call from my wonderful high school yearbook adviser that made me feel 17 again (oh, to be young....)

10.  Homework accompanied by Josh Groban.

It's a wonderful life, folks, so you should hop on board the happiness train and ride it straight to hell.  I honestly don't know where that came from, and it really didn't make any sense, but I'm keeping it on here anyway.  NOBODY'S PERFECT

Hope you guys have a magical weekend.  I'll try to blog on Sunday, since tomorrow me and some friends are driving down to Denver for the annual Parade of Lights.  Please pray that my car doesn't catch a piece of ice and topple off of the interstate.  Kay.  Thanks.

By the way, here's a little clip of our sledding excursion.  

Apologies, blogosphere.

Monday, November 28, 2011 § 0

I've been home all week and, surprisingly, hardly touched my computer.  Then we went to the farm, where there was no internet service.....

I'm actually not even sorry because if you were away from a family like mine for three months, all you would want to do is be around them!!  It was such a good week and it was hard to see it come to a close, but if there's one thing I like about living in Colorado, it's the fact that I appreciate my family's company a whole lot more.  

There were a whole lot of changes when I got of them is that my sister has lost a TON of weight and looks like a rock star:

The other one is two new gorgeous puppies that are so adorable.  


(She's guarding our steaks. Such a good puppy.)

So, lots of changes, but good changes!  My next trip back home is in three weeks, and I'll be driving 14 hours with a friend of'll be my first road trip without my family.  So strange, a little bit excited, please pray that nothing goes wrong (although it might be inevitable, haha)


I need creative stimuli.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011 § 0

I'm in one of those stages of my life where NOTHING that I create is good enough.  This week's collegian vlog is not my favorite.  When I finish an essay for a class, I'm not 100% positive that I killed it (and I can kill an essay).

(not exactly sure why it says 'loose' instead of 'lose' but you get the picture)

Something I am looking forward to, however, is seeing my family at the end of the week.  Actually, it's in two days!  And while, sadly, I won't be getting my green pants until after I get back (I'm crying inside), I'll be sure to put on my best skinny jeans for when I tumble off that plane and onto Texan soil.

I can't wait!

So I noticed I'm not doing too well at this whole blogging thing...

Sunday, November 13, 2011 § 1

It's because I've been so busy, I promise.  In fact, I've been having quite a battle with a beautiful pair of green jeans:

Ordering these online has been a total bitch and, let me tell you something: I do not entirely enjoy being on hold by the Forever 21 representatives for more than 15 minutes.  15 fricking minutes!!! 

I just really want to wear these on the plane ride home, so I was a bit snippy to a customer service representative named Joseph (sorry again, Joseph), but they FINALLY shipped so hopefully the battle is over.  

In other news, the Collegian posted another one of my dorm life videos and so I thought I'd post it here for you guys to check out: 

Enjoy, and have a happy week!  I, for one, cannot wait for Thursday to come...that's when I leave for home and get to see my family for the first time in nearly three months.  YAY!



Sunday, November 6, 2011 § 0

Yesterday, me and some friends went down to Horsetooth mountain to go hiking.  My car barely made it up the steep roads, but once we got up there it was so worth it- the weather was perfect and the views were absolutely breathtaking!! I think I have a new goal to climb a 'fourteener'- or a 14,000 foot high mountain.  It's intense and you have to wear helmets and go with a guide, but I think it would be so satisfying at the end of the day.  Here are some shots from our hike:

Getting worn out?

With all the grafitti, of course someone would paint marijuana.  OF COURSE.  Damn hippies.  

My favorite rock.

Teen angst. 

Titanic pose. 

LOVE these last two pictures.  Don't worry, the road was completely clear!

If you live in the Fort Collins area, you should definitely make a trip down to Horsetooth sometime.  It's worth it!  The only problem was that we went when all the snow was melting, and therefore my shoes are now caked in mud.  Great.  

Happy Sunday, 

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