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This week.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012 § 0

Wow.  This week has been intense and stressful and emotionally exhausting!

First of all, there's the fact that Obama came to my university yesterday and I didn't get to see him because I had to work (whine whine whine, I know...but whether you like him or not, who wouldn't want to see the POTUS in person??)

And then there's my first foray into dating.  There's a guy that's into me but I really just want to be friends...and I've never had to deal with anything like this before.  There's gonna be some feelings hurt and I may lose this guy as a pal....UGH I'M SO BAD AT BOYS.

And, of course, the clincher- it's finally time to say goodbye to Yunioshi:
(not my picture.  I honestly can't believe I couldn't find any personal pictures of my beloved vehicle)

After 3 wonderful years, my car has decided to act up and generally become a huge douche.  For example, Yuni broke down in a turn lane a while back, almost in the middle of an intersection, and I was stuck there, crying and trying to turn him back on and getting nothing from my efforts.  It was sad. There are other things, too- like a constant smell of gas (inside the car), strange lights coming on...etc, etc.  I would definitely try harder to keep little Yuni around but the job I have requires that I have to pick up kids from school, and I don't think Yuni's reliable enough.  Therefore, I'm using my own money to get another sweet-ass ride (stressful).  It's gonna be hard to say goodbye to this baby.  

So it's been quite a week, and I think I'm getting mild anxiety, because any time I even think about having to deal with any one of these things while also juggling homework and a double major, I generally start freaking out.  Seriously, I need to take up yoga or something.  

Until later, 

The apartment.

Sunday, August 19, 2012 § 0

Can't believe I went from dorm life: 

 To apartment life: 
So QUICKLY!  I look at all the freshman wandering around campus and still feel like I'm one of them. It's such a weird feeling to already be a sophomore in college and in my own digs, and I think that thought sort of freaked me out last night when my parents left.  This time, I'm REALLY on my own.  Independence is such a scary thing to have, and I guess in a dorm it didn't really feel like all that big of a deal since there was an RA constantly checking up on everyone and a roomie to keep you company.  Now I'm in an apt by myself and while it is fun to do literally whatever I want (walking around naked is a plus I quite enjoy...tmi?) it's still a daunting thing to get used to.  We'll see how I handle it over the next few weeks!

Happy first week of school (to CSU students and the lucky few who are starting early with me)!


Trying to get my life together.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012 § 0

Between balancing a video blog for my school newspaper, moving into my new apartment, packing for said apartment, and moving my sister to Colorado, it's been awfully hard to vlog lately.

I will tell you, it's been quite an eventful few weeks and I guarantee that the upcoming weeks will be just as stressful.  But stressful in a good way, if that makes any sense at all.  Stressful busy, stressful accomplished, stressful independent.

The only bad part of these last few weeks has been my lovable junk-heap of a car.  It was my first car, a lovely old 1990 Volvo, and I've had it for the past 3 years, driving it between states and to school and with my windows down with music blaring and up and fogging with the cold.  It's been good to me.

That is, except for lately.  It's been smelling of gas every time I drive it and last week, when I was nearly in the middle of an intersection, it shut off without any sort of warning, leaving me stranded in a turn lane.  This scares me, if you can imagine, mostly because my dad looked it over and thought he fixed the problem but the uncertainty carries between us both.

So, we thought it was fine, for now.  Then today, I try to turn it on and I discover the battery is flat dead.  No lights were left on, nothing was plugged in where it shouldn't have been, nada.  A mystery.  And this is the second time it's died in two weeks.

I'm nervous because if I get a job that's not walking distance from my apartment this semester, I'm going to have a big need for a car.  Especially since my parents live two hours away from campus and I tend to like to drive down to visit them.

UGH.  This car.  So lovable but so unreliable.

All packed up!

Thursday, August 2, 2012 § 0

And ready to move into my apartment tomorrow!  I am so excited, and I've been jangling my new keys in everyone's face lately:
It's a small place but I can't wait to spruce it up and make it just for me.  

And speaking of sprucing it Goodwill obsession has only become more and more intense.  I CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF THIS CHEAP-ASS SECONDHAND STUFF!  I even got this gorgeous fabric that I'm going to use as a table runner on top of my white crochet tablecloth: 
Crazy gorgeous floral!!! Lately, I've been all about the flowers. 

Another amazing thing about this week was that my best friend stopped by to pay me a visit.  It was so amazing having her here and I miss her already...whether we're spending two hours on the highway or 15 minutes on a go-cart speedway, we're always having fun with each other. 

Love that girl!!!

Well, it's disappointing that summer's almost over but I've got a feeling that this year is going to be my best yet.  



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