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Wednesday, August 29, 2012 § 0

Wow.  This week has been intense and stressful and emotionally exhausting!

First of all, there's the fact that Obama came to my university yesterday and I didn't get to see him because I had to work (whine whine whine, I know...but whether you like him or not, who wouldn't want to see the POTUS in person??)

And then there's my first foray into dating.  There's a guy that's into me but I really just want to be friends...and I've never had to deal with anything like this before.  There's gonna be some feelings hurt and I may lose this guy as a pal....UGH I'M SO BAD AT BOYS.

And, of course, the clincher- it's finally time to say goodbye to Yunioshi:
(not my picture.  I honestly can't believe I couldn't find any personal pictures of my beloved vehicle)

After 3 wonderful years, my car has decided to act up and generally become a huge douche.  For example, Yuni broke down in a turn lane a while back, almost in the middle of an intersection, and I was stuck there, crying and trying to turn him back on and getting nothing from my efforts.  It was sad. There are other things, too- like a constant smell of gas (inside the car), strange lights coming on...etc, etc.  I would definitely try harder to keep little Yuni around but the job I have requires that I have to pick up kids from school, and I don't think Yuni's reliable enough.  Therefore, I'm using my own money to get another sweet-ass ride (stressful).  It's gonna be hard to say goodbye to this baby.  

So it's been quite a week, and I think I'm getting mild anxiety, because any time I even think about having to deal with any one of these things while also juggling homework and a double major, I generally start freaking out.  Seriously, I need to take up yoga or something.  

Until later, 

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