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I've got doggy fever.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012 § 0

No, this is not some new disease that I invented/am plagued with.  Actually, this just means that I'd really like a dog and I've been obsessed with the idea lately.

Now, don't fret- I realize that I'm most likely not prepared for single dog ownership yet and besides, my apartment complex doesn't allow dogs anyway.  However, the idea is super-enticing.  I've helped raise dogs my whole life, but I'd need to think about the economic toll a dog would take on me, along with other things.

BUT STILL,  I'd love someone to walk through campus every day and take to the Oval and take with me to my parent's house to run around in the backyard and take up to Horsetooth to hike with me and basically just love.  Maybe this means that I'm more obsessed with the idea of a dog than what it would take to actually care for one, but I know that if I ever did become a single dog owner (and I keep saying that because my family already has two dogs, but I hardly see 'em since I live two hours away) that I would be an incredible caring owner.  I would freaking SPOIL that dog.

Plus, overcrowding in shelters is a huge deal, and so many dogs are being put down every year.  If I did get a dog, I'd get a shelter pup- that's the way to go.  No pet shops!!!

Anyway, this is just an idea for now.  I've heard a lot of bad experiences of young dog ownership from a lot of people so I'm just going to keep the idea in my mind for a while.

P.S...I totally took a quiz online on what breed would best match my personality and this is what came up:
Great dane (which I would LOVE but I don't know if I could handle a dog this big...)

Black russian terrier


Bullmastiff (but sort of the same issue as with the GD...these mothers get enormous)

Doberman Pinscher

So all in all, lots to think about.  For now I'll just have to deal with my crazy case of doggy fever.

Also, check out my new vlog- click on the button in the top right corner! It's about zombies.  

I freaking love fall.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012 § 0

But it's leaving me!  All the leaves have fallen, the weather is turning from chilly to downright cold, and it's set to snow tomorrow.


In other news, I saw Looper today and it was 50 shades of AMAZING.  If you don't know what my threshold for amazing is, think about it this way- it's right up there with The Dark Knight Rises.  And THAT'S serious.

I really thought Joseph Gordon Levitt's prosthetics were going to be distracting in the movie, but they actually weren't.  He was still his handsome self, as ever.  I'm always in such awe of actors like JGL- just years ago, he was this little indie movie actor and now he's an enormous star.  Plus he created and runs, which is the coolest site ever.  I just love his passion for everything.

In other, OTHER news, I did the perfect pen bun today.  That's when you stick a pen in your hair.  Ah, the life of a writer., that about covers it.  

I need to pump the brakes here.

Friday, October 19, 2012 § 0

I've recently become super obsessed with a show lately- and by obsessed, I mean I stay up until 1 or 2 A.M. watching episodes since I can't go to bed not knowing what's going to happen.  It's Hart of Dixie, starring Rachel Bilson, and I didn't really like it at first since the acting is not amazing and the storyline's a little cheesy...

But DAMN is it addicting!!!  Plus, there are a lot of secondary characters that I've been loving, most especially the 'villian': Lemon Breeland. I mostly just love her because she's like a southern, mean Charlotte Charles and while her accent is a little over the top, she is just one classy individual.

Aren't her outfits adorable???

Plus, she's secretly in love with the mayor who is the cutest thing ever and I just love their little story arc.  

I'm gonna go watch some more of this show and I'll be back in about five days.  


Tuesday, October 16, 2012 § 0

I am seeing a group of amazing, talented irish men....

And while concerts can be pretty stressful for me, I am SO EXCITED!!

Oh, boy.  They love their hipster dance teams.

Am I the only one who's already celebrating Christmas?

Saturday, October 6, 2012 § 0

I think it's the fact that this week has been cold and it snowed today, so I've been listening to Michael Buble's Christmas album in my car for a solid week now, and also I watched While You Were Sleeping (BEST) with Sandra Bullock in it with my folks and it totally made me jones for the holiday season.

Above is my favorite Christmas commercial of all time.  ALL TIME.  Of course, it's from Great Britain.


Okay, I need to pump the brakes here.


Wednesday, October 3, 2012 § 0

BLOGGER STOP BLOCKING MY PHOTO UPLOADS My apologies for the lack of posts lately. Blogger is being a total douche, as well as the rest of the free world. In the meantime, click on 'my vlog' in the upper right hand corner- I've got a new one this week. Posts to come soon!!

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