The apartment.

Sunday, August 19, 2012 § 0

Can't believe I went from dorm life: 

 To apartment life: 
So QUICKLY!  I look at all the freshman wandering around campus and still feel like I'm one of them. It's such a weird feeling to already be a sophomore in college and in my own digs, and I think that thought sort of freaked me out last night when my parents left.  This time, I'm REALLY on my own.  Independence is such a scary thing to have, and I guess in a dorm it didn't really feel like all that big of a deal since there was an RA constantly checking up on everyone and a roomie to keep you company.  Now I'm in an apt by myself and while it is fun to do literally whatever I want (walking around naked is a plus I quite enjoy...tmi?) it's still a daunting thing to get used to.  We'll see how I handle it over the next few weeks!

Happy first week of school (to CSU students and the lucky few who are starting early with me)!


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