Funny, Sunny day.

Friday, February 11, 2011 § 0

It's finally Friday! And while my weekend is going to be super busy with editing and Trig homework and physics homework and english homework......I'm still strangely looking forward to it.  I need a BREAK.  

So me and the Brownz (my yearbook advisor, and it's not really spelled with a Z but that's how I said it it my head so....yes) took some fun pics of our outfits today for 30 for 30.  

We thought it would be funny if I snuck onto the Zamboni-esque floor cleaning machine thing, and these pictures were born: 

And my personal favorite: 

So it was a while until we actually got to the real photos: 

Top: Kohl's 
Jeans: Kohl's
Flats: Target

Yeah, you heard that right.  Brown's bestie Kat ( gave this awesome tutorial on how to make a scarf out of an old shirt, and I did it in, like, a half hour.  It's awesome.  

What's this?

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