Repeat Offender? Not quite.

Thursday, February 24, 2011 § 0

Yes, yes, I know this outfit looks suspiciously akin to my valentine's day outfit, but I promise, I'ts got it's differences! In fact, now that I look at the picture, the only things really the same are the shoes and the jacket. So, HA!

Today was such a blah day. I think by the time I get my Government test (and quiz...*sob*) retakes out of the way and the big wonderful mess of the yearbook gets done, I'll feel a million times better, but for now it's just nice to wallow in sadness.

Do you ever notice that? I mean, it's terrible to want to be sad and all that jazz but sometimes I honestly feel like instead of cheering myself up, I just want to sit around and stay melancholy (word of the day, Brownie!) instead of laughing my troubles away.

Geez louise, someone hide the razorblades! I think maybe what I'm getting at is that it's just harder to be happy when you're sad, which brings around a big, resounding DUH to mind. I will try to get through the awful stress monster of tomorrow (sheesh, I'm going to look back on this and thank the lordy I didn't grow up to be as big a drama queen as I am now) and be on my way to having a splendid weekend.

And you should, too!!!
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