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Wednesday, February 23, 2011 § 0

Loving this outfit today, I must say.
I actually did not feel too simple or too anything today. I felt quite nice. That is, until I got my government test grade back. That was not so nice.

I feel bad since I was kind of a jerk face to my friends that got higher grades than me, but I hate feeling stupid. Every time we take a test like that and I have to sit around, listening to people go on and on about how easy it was for makes me mad. I didn't think it was easy, and I ended up feeling like a giant idiot.

Excuse the ranting. All I have to do is give myself a mini-pep talk about how I'm good at other things. WRITING, Madi! YEARBOOK! MAKING PANCAKES!

So we had a fun little photo shoot in Commercial Photography for our portraits project. Here are some of the ones the endlessly talented Brittany Morehead took of me:

She loved this plastic bag....
There are actually a lot of me playing with it.  

And some by the lovely Magdalene Molhoek:

You only wish you were surrounded by awesome photographers like I am!

Bragging over.  Goodbye.  Have a lovely Wednesday.

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