Day 16 and a Day of Treats!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011 § 0

Day 16- Post (another?) picture of yourself. 

Well, here I am!
Lovin' life, lovin' you!

I had a LONG day today.  I had two tests- awful- and I spent the entire day confused as to whether it was Thursday or Friday.  It's Wednesday.  

Ok, so I figured it out.  But I'm emphasizing how long it felt.  

Afterwards, though, I got out of school early for an appointment and then the Mama and I stopped by James Avery to pick up my charm bracelet.  Brown, my wonderful advisor, gave me a charm commemorating the end of the yearbook and I went to get it engraved.  

When we got there and they brought the bracelet out, I noticed that there was another charm on it I didn't know about- a cute little old-fashioned camera with a film canister attached.  It was such a sweet surprise!  My mom said the little yearbook charm didn't look complete without the little camera charm.  Such a sweet mommy. 

After that, my mom had to take some dresses back and told me we could find my yearbook banquet dress.  I HAVE NOW ARRIVED AT MY STORY'S POINT: I could not decide between two dresses, shown below.  The one I loved was dark blue and had a poofy, short, ballerina-esque skirt, but was $200.  I would never spend that much on a dress (wedding and prom dresses are different, mind you).  Therefore, the final two were these lovely contenders: 

I'll admit, the dress doesn't look great in this picture.  However, I'll have you know, it sits at my natural waist, has a full, pleated skirt, and an adorable '60s-esque bodice.  Love it!

This one was great.  Another full skirt (WITH POCKETS!), some kind of chiffon over the bodice with a triangle of beading down the middle.  It's simple black, but looks great on me.  Plus, I never wear black.  It's a nice change.  


The black dress!  My mom and I both agreed that it's best for partying the night away.  I can do my hair however, and it will still look amazing.  So excited to wear it!

The Sonic shake afterwards was the perfect end to a perfect evening with my mom.  I love spending time with her.  Thank ya, mom!

Have a lovely Wednesday night, 

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