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My frustration began with me believing that Harry Potter came out today.  WRONG-O.  I had to go to a Redbox and a Family Video just to figure that out. Bleh.

Actually, my frustration just stems from that.  Also, I'll be stuck on a bus tomorrow for five hours with a few more people than I'd like to be....but I just need to remember to ignore the ones that make me feel anything less than the happiest version of myself.  Mantra.  Chant it, Cooper.  After all, tomorrow is supposed to be a fun day!  The publications department is going to this journalism conference in Austin, and it'll be my 3rd year going.  It's so great- not only do I learn butt loads of journalism techniques from some of the best in the biz, but I get to explore Austin.  So fun!

I wonder if Hailee Steinfeld ever gets this frustrated.  Yes, she is my Day 17- the person I would trade lives with for a day.

Why, you may ask? Let me list the reasons: 

Her work.  She's 14, and has already been nominated for an Oscar.  She had such a commanding performance in True Grit- I left the theater yearning to be sassy like Maddie!  Next up, I've heard she's signed on for an Inception-like version of Sleeping Beauty and for the role of Juliet in a remake of Romeo & Juliet.  

 Her style.

I mean, really?  When I was her age, I once wore moccasin slippers with jeans and a blouse made for pregnant women.  It wasn't pretty.  What I wouldn't give to have access to all the beautiful clothes she has access to.  Luckily, she hasn't taken a turn down Miley Cyrus Avenue and is staying classy and chic.  Dream wardrobe!

 Her co-stars.
Jeff Bridges is one of my favorite actors of all time.  I first saw him on King Kong, and ever since then he's been on my list (right next to Harrison Ford).  Matt Damon is no schmuck either- I mean, just think about Good Will Hunting- the guy writes it with his bestie (Ben Affleck), gets it picked up by producers, stars in it, and gets an Oscar for best screenplay and a nomination for Best Actor.  He is one of my career idols, and never ceases to amaze me with his films.  
Hailee got to work with them both- AT THE SAME FRIGGIN' TIME.  

Her hair.

Tell me who you'd like to switch places with for a day! I'm curious.  

Have a lovely Friday, 

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