Twenty twenty twenty.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011 § 0

It's day twenty!  Only ten more days to go on my 30 days of blogging.  I really regret doing it so soon after my 30 for 30 challenge, only because it means that I feel an obligation to blog like, every single day.  Which I don't mind at all, but I feel as though people get annoyed with that...but I digress.

Before I do my Day 20 challenge, I am going to share with you what happened to me a fortnight ago (is that right? I mean yesterday): My super-stylish photog friend Kate Dillard texted me and told me that her stylish friend was moving out of her apartment and was having an "everything must go" moment.  Yes, that means clothes.  So of course I had to jet over there ASAP!  After some perusing, this is what I found:

(a bit blurry, but it's a navy blue cardigan and the crest says 'hide and seek')

^This print's on a skirt.  You like?

Aaaaand here's one of the pieces in action: 

Paired with my new fave skirt, oxfords, and an adorable side braid, this outfit makes me smile (as you can see in the picture above).

As for my letter to someone, it would probably go a little something like this: 

Dearest Daniel (Radcliffe), 

My, how you've grown.  You've gone from a strange-looking and yet adorable british 10-year-old to a muscular, hot-as-heck 22-year-old.   While you don't ever regret doing the Harry Potter films, you constantly work to make sure that's not all that people associate you with....for example, The December Boys, The Woman in Black....Equus...

But let's not talk about Equus (I don't think anyone wants to talk about Equus).  Let's talk about the fact that you're not only an established, hard-working, not crazy actor, but you also work with charities such as the Lupus Foundation of America, Rebuilding Sri Lanka, and more.  I just think that's sweet.  

And I think you're sweet.  So let's get together.  

Cordially yours, 
Cooper Calamity

Have a wonderful Wednesday, 

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