Prom 3.0

Monday, April 2, 2012 § 0

Let me just get this out in the open: I don't harp on life in high school.  I don't miss the crowded halls, the classes, the cafeteria, the TAKS test, or the assemblies.   However, now that prom season is coming up for the wee juniors and seniors, I think back to when I was going to prom.

Sometimes I regret that yellow dress, even though now that I look back on it, it is pretty damn classy.  The only thing I wish I had done is this: worn a different sash, and put my hair in a low bun.  

As for the blue dress, that was my favorite dress in the whole world.  However, it wasn't perfect: the people that were supposed to alter it for me did it wrong and therefore, it almost didn't fit me at all.  My dad fixed it with a ribbon in the back, but the dress still pinched and prodded and HURT.  Also, I had strep that night, which sucked.  Otherwise, that dress was perfect.  

I was thinking about it, and going through one of my fave vintage dress websites, and I was wondering how much my style has changed within the year.  I was wondering, to get to my point, what I would wear if I could do prom again, this year.  Here's what I've come up with!

Emma Domb Baby Pink Prom Dress (

It's pink.  It's lace.  It's vintage-inspired.  In other words, it's absolutely gorgeous.  Can you just imagine this thing floating across the dance floor to something slow, while a preppie in a varsity jacket holds you tight in his arms? Because I can.  I LAHV IT. 

Dress Gallery Jade Long Dress (
Ohmygodthisdress.  It's magnificent.  First of all, those flutter sleeves: the perfect addition to this form-fitting beaut.  And then there's the enormous cutout in the back (sorry, don't have a picture of that) that keeps the dress from being too conservative.  And to top it all off, it's velvet.  Don't roll your eyes at me, young lady..I know most of you guys wouldn't touch velvet with a 39 and a half foot pole, but I don't see anything wrong with it.  It's elegant. It's comfortable.  AND THIS DRESS IS DAMN BEAUTIFUL. 

Faviana Embellished One-shoulder Gown (
I love this dress because it reminds me of Drew Barrymore's golden globes gown from way back when.  I LOVE beige for gowns because it always looks so classic and fresh at the same time.  I also adore the way this model is styled: bright pink lips, low, messy chignon, and no jewelery.  You don't need it with a dress like this, honestly.  

Badgley Mischka Platinum Label (

This is one of those dresses that just catches your eye immediately.  As you probably can already see, I love ruffles (see blue prom dress above) and this dress is so fun and fresh and yet elegant at the same time.  I see a braided updo with this baby.  

And if the world were a just and kind place, and money rained from the heavens and into my wallet, then I would wear Valentino to the prom. 

Oh, goodness, what a dream. 

I don't regret the dresses I wore, since I had so much fun in them.  Sometimes, though, I just wish I could do prom all over again since I feel like my style has changed so much. 

Good luck to all the prom-goers this year and have a blast with your friends- that's honestly all that matters!


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