Apartment Crazy 2.0

Monday, April 9, 2012 § 0

Hey y'all.

So if you haven't seen my recent vlog post (click on My Vlog in the upper right hand corner of this page!) or read my blog in the past week, you should know that I am getting a studio apartment and I plan to decorate it as if I live inside Emily Henderson's brain.

She's the host of Secrets of a Stylist on HGTV, which is, honestly, the best show on that channel (and that's saying something.  I'm a House Hunters International FREAK). 

Anyways, to give you an idea of how she styles things, take a look at my fave rooms below: 

So, basically, she's a genius.  

I'm going to definitely implement some of the things she does when I get my apartment and start to decorate.  I'm going so out of my mind with planning the theme and what's going to go where that I've hardly decided what I need.  However, I think I've finally got a pretty good idea. 


Art is pretty important to me when it comes to an apartment.  As you can see in the picture of one of my dorm walls below, I combined my own paintings with a clock, a coffee and soy-sauce treated Sylvia Plath poem, a map of Fort Collins cut into two hearts, vintage Barbie stationary, a painted cardboard M from Hobby Lobby, art from Etsy, and a photo of my sister's lips. 
I love, love, LOVE it and it adds so much brightness and warmth to the room. 


Do I need them? No.  Do I want them? Yes. 

Urban Outfitters Solid Drape Shade in yellow. 

Table Setting

Yeah, this sounds silly and unnecessary but listen: I'm getting a shitty metal/plastic table with two rickety chairs for free from the apartment complex, so I need to dress that mofo up with a nice tablecloth and some centerpieces.  

Such a cute, vintage homage to my homeland.  Texas Tablecloth Map by Dyenah on Etsy.com. 

Or how about this much simpler striped tablecloth from Anthro?  After all it's only 88 bucks (sarcasm).  

Imagine these on top of both linens: 
Yellow on red?  Delightful!

Well, it is nearly midnight and I have yet to start studying for one of my tests.  WORST COLLEGE KID EVER.  It's okay, it's open note.  Don't worry about it.  

Au revoir!

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