Friday, April 20, 2012 § 0

Do people still sing that on Fridays?  No? Okay, then. 

Well, my Friday is turning out to be very enjoyable indeed so far.  I am about to head over to Spoons with my roomie (apparently, it's amazing, and I've never been there before soooo...yeah).  Also, I was freaking out about registering for classes today, but I got EVERY CLASS I WANTED the minute I put their codes in.  At the times I wanted, too.  Insane.  This never happens.  

So now I'm sitting here in the LSC trying to be casual and also take a picture of myself because I feel pretty today.  That's the reason for my weird, stoic face...there's someone sitting right next to me and I don't want them to know I'm taking a picture.  Don't normal people stare at their computer screen while also smiling when they're on Facebook?  I know I do ;)

So, I'm leaving early tomorrow morning to head home to the apartment and see the mamas and the papas.  We have a quickie showing of the gorgeous house my dad put an offer on...if all goes well, we want to be able to see the house we'll be living in for the next while!!!

I hope you have a lovely, well-deserved weekend, followers!

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