Fort Collins Music Experience

Saturday, April 14, 2012 § 0

The Fort Collins Music Experience is a beautiful thing. 

I almost wasn't going to go.  My roommate invited me along and I wasn't really sure because the tickets were $20, and also I'd had a stressful week and vegging out in my dorm seemed like a really excellent alternative.  

And then I realized that I ALWAYS veg out in my dorm and that I needed to get out and do something with my life.  

So I went!

You, Me, and Apollo- such a great band!

The Heyday!


And You, Me, and Apollo again.  Such a great time. 

 Basically what happens is that Old Town Fort Collins becomes this music hub for two days, and 300+ bands come and play at different venues all over the city.  Me, the roomie, and some of her friends basically just hopped from place to place and caught about 4 or 5 bands last night.  It was so great.

Stay tuned- the festival continues for today and we're going to see what kind of bands we can discover tonight. 

Have a lovely evening, 

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