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So I saw this today whilst online shopping on
I know they expect me to look at the dress (which is adorable, but far too short- I am NOT summer ready, body-wise) but I was looking straight at that hairstyle.  
So cute, right?  It's basically maiden braids (which you all know is my favorite hairstyle), just messy and with wavy/curly hair.  

Well, today I don't have wavy/curly hair, but trust me- I can do messy.  Plus, I already tried a weird braid crown this morning so my hair is crimped-ish already.  So I tried it, and here's the final product: 

I love it!  It's probably more for short-term wear if you don't do it right, though (like me) because when I went to dinner, it sort of looked like a pile of spaghetti.  Oh, well. 

Love it!

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