So, this lady.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012 § 0

I've been really stressed out with finals lately and extra assignments, but then today I had to write an essay about someone I loved. 

My mind immediately went to family members- I've got some pretty incredible genes, y'all- and I decided to write about my mom.  

She's pretty incredible.  She's gone through life with hearing loss and made sure that people don't see her as someone who's deaf, but as someone who is determined and smart and brave.  She got a degree in Phlebotomy even though she had professors who repeatedly pulled her aside after class and told her to quit, the job would be too hard for her.  

But she didn't.  She graduated, and got a job, and was one of the best damn phlebotomists they had (seriously, her customer service ratings were incredible).  

She's an incredible person, and I might cry when I read this speech about her tomorrow.....

Happy early mother's day, I guess!  

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