Major...major-ly stressed....major-ly excited....major-ly crazy.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012 § 1

As you probably already can tell, this post is about my major and how I used to hate it.  I switched from Journalism and Technical Communication to Communication Studies.

I majored in Journalism because I honestly thought that, naturally, that's what my next step was.  After all, I was editor of the yearbook...what was I supposed to study, agriculture? (I actually considered that and I am not ashamed).  I picked journalism because I thought that was where I was supposed to be, not because it was where I wanted to be.  So, second semester, there was this one class that really cleared things up for me- newswriting!!  I hate newswriting with a burning, fiery passion (sorry to all you newswriters out there, it honestly is very honorable and you have to be smart and clever as hell to do it).  I spent one class period in that newswriting lab and told myself, "What the hell are you doing?  You don't want to do journalism!  You just want to write!"

So I dropped that sucker and enrolled in a Public Speaking course.

Not that I love public speaking or anything, but it's a required course and I enjoy it far more than I think I would have enjoyed NW.

BUT ANYHOO, I was still not too enthusiastic about Comm Studies.  Honestly, I started believing the stereotype- that it was a common major for people that wanted to do smooth sailing in college- basically, the best way for slackers to graduate.  And that upset me A LOT.

But, I've been sticking with it, because stereotypes are usually fake (ESPECIALLY this one), and I finally had a meeting with my advisor to talk about new classes.

This is the part of the story where I fall in love with my major.  I had a new advisor because of the major change, and she is the sweetest thing on Earth.  The first thing she asked me when I sat down was if I was interested in film.  I was like

"But CSU doesn't have a film school!" Cried little old me.  But lo and behold, within the Comm major, we have, like, 8 film courses.  OH HELL YEAH was what was going through my mind. 

And then I was told by my lovely advisor that I have a semester of AP credits that exempt me from classes, so I can either graduate early, double major in Communications and English, or take a bunch of stupid elective credits.  

I think I'm double majoring.  YEEEAAAH SON

The End.  You can go back to enjoying your lives now.  So long!

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  • Natalie says:

    I think that's a FANTASTIC idea. Go you! I'm glad you have a great adviser who helped you figure all the college randomness out. I have a friend who double majored in poli-sci and journalism and he said he didnt understand why more people didnt double major. It's like getting twice as much out of your college tuition. In summary, you go, Glen Coco.

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