Day 8. It's the fashion show!

Saturday, March 26, 2011 § 0

Today, I embraced my inner Gisele and Tyra and walked the catwalk for my sister's Fashion Merchandising runway show.  I was nervous at first, but ended up having a blast.  And something I realized?  I'm just a tad fierce.

I'll post some photos of the show tomorrow, but for tonight, I'll post my Day 8 blogger challenge.

Short term goals for this month:
1. Pay for everything I need to pay for: yearbook banquet, ILPC attendance money, Colorado State deposit, etc.
2. Sign up for Freshman Orientation.  (This is sounding more like a to-do list).
3.  Find time to read what I want! I'm always too busy procrastinating or sitting in front of the TV.  Once I learn better time management, I'll have more time for leisurely reading.
4.  Have a just-for-me night.  A night spent by myself, where I'll make a nice dinner for myself and watch whatever I myself.  Just one night, though, because then I'll get lonely.
5.  Finish a homework assignment earlier than 10:00 pm?  God, I'm such a teenager when it comes to homework.

And that's it for now!  It's actually good to see all my goals laid out in front of me, almost like a checklist.  It's very helpful!

Pictures to come tomorrow,

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