Day 7. AND a solo road trip!

Friday, March 25, 2011 § 0

I've been telling everyone it's a road trip, but in actuality it only took me about 20 minutes to drive to my sister's apartment in Denton.  I guess it felt like a road trip since A) I had to use the GPS, B) I was flyin' solo, and C) Highway 35 has a very deserted, road-trip-y feel.  It was fun.  After all, my GPS only toppled down from the window twice (the first time I had to pull over to fix it, and the second time I had to fix it while driving my car 75 miles an hour with only my knees used to steer).   I felt like such a college kid, drivin' back to my college town.  Only when I really drive to my college town, it's going to take a lot longer than 20 minutes to get there (try 18 hours).

I meant to take a picture of me driving and post it, all road-y and fun, but I forgot.  As a substitute, I will post my road trip playlist that got me here without wanting to pull my hair out.   Here it is:

1. Cherry Bomb- The Runaways
(a little badass-ery to start my trip out right)

2. Gotta Reason- Hard-FI
(It's so upbeat and fun.  There's no way I wasn't shakin' a shoulder or bobbing my head.  This song is downright CATCHY)

3. Fans- Kings of Leon
(This is my all-time favorite KOL song.  When they played it at the concert I attended, I nearly dropped dead.  It reminds me of barbeques and summertime and sunglasses and late afternoon.  I love it.)

4. Someone Like You- Adele
(Such a sad song, about how someone she loved has a great life now and is married and all that jazz.  Don't worry, Adele, you'll find someone like him!)

5.  How- Maroon 5
(This is such a cliche love song, but I love cliched love songs so that's GREAT.  It's wonderful.)

As for the person or event that has affected me the most, I guess I'd have to say Natalie Brown.
My yearbook advisor, the only one that kept me absolutely sane this year.  When I was in her Journalism 1 class, I did not want to be a journalist or be involved or any sort of student journalism for the next four years of my high school career.  However, I was pushed into yearbook and, because of her amazing leadership, decided that journalism and becoming a writer was what I wanted to do with my life.  She's the one that got me there! 

Tomorrow I'm modeling in my sister's college's big Merchandising fashion show.  My sister's dressing her models up as plants, and I'm the hibiscus flower.  So excited!  I will post pictures of my fierce walk.  

Or my fierce topple off of the stage. 

Happy Friday, 

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