Thursday, March 3, 2011 § 0

Don't I look That's what my mom says when she doesn't like an outfit of mine. She says I look 'smart'. As if you really ever want to look smart.
Unless you're in a library. Or any type of government office. Ok, never mind: anywhere other than the club, it's good to look smart. So, thanks, mom?
I had the greek princess Maggie Molhoek take my picture today, and she did such a bang-up job. I love her. She often puts inspirational videos on my facebook wall, which is nice.

As you can see, I wore my taupe heels for the second time in a row this week.  Fashion faux pas? I think not.  This outfit would literally not go with anything else except my boots (which is a classic lazy Cooper outfit) and maybe my oxfords...but I went safe with it.  AND I mastered driving with heels on.  Watch out, world.

Oh, and this is my 'watch out world' picture to go with the phrase.  

So long, 

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