Hot cocoa and Branson, Missouri.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012 § 0

Well, I just made myself a cup of delicious hot cocoa in our hotel room- which is GAWGEOUS.  My dad's friend has a timeshare out here on this resort and so we got to stay in this adorable room.  Our room is like a little apartment- next to my sister and I's bed is a mini-kitchen, and, one of the best parts, a TV fully equipped with 4 HBO channels.  I swear, I'm in heaven.  

This place is so adorable, too- it's decorated like a country cottage.  Can you see the deer's head behind me? (Ok, I do admit, all the deer heads around here freak me out a little.  They're just....looking at me....)

But all in all, this place is great.  Yesterday, we spent the day on a boat: 

(actually they call it the Party Barge, HEY-OH!)

So we're obviously having a great time.  

Well, until tomorrow! Hope you all are having a fantastic new year.  


(P.S.: who new Arkansas was so hella beautiful?)

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