Pride and Prejudice.

Thursday, March 29, 2012 § 0

Ooh-wee child.  You know what's up.  

I just wanted to post that becuase I've been thinking of this movie ALL WEEK and about how much I want to watch it.  I consider that a valid reward for this long, long, long week.  Seriously, it's been ca-rawling.  

Some good news over here- we got an offer on our house.  FINALLY.  Let's hope it all works out!

We're going house hunting this weekend, because my mom gets into town tomorrow!  This only means one thing: 

Is it sad that I'm partying with my parents?  Is it more sad that our idea of partying is a pint of ice cream and watching a movie in our pajamas?

I am not a college kid, fyi. 

So long. 

What's this?

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