My dad's a keeper.

Saturday, March 24, 2012 § 0

Today, we decided to go down to Fort Collins so my dad could check out the house that I was thinking about living in next year....

And he wasn't a fan.  I agreed with what he said: the neighborhood was not the best (there was a body shop right next door to us and a mobile home park behind us) and it was at least 5 miles away from campus.  I must admit, I was discouraged...but my dad asked if there were any other options so I led him to an apartment complex I'd briefly read about online that had the studio apartment I'd wanted.  I wasn't enthused, though, I mean, I still wanted the house and the roommate and the YARD!  But then this lady gave us a tour of the studios and I sort of fell in love...they're small, kind of dorm-sized, but they've got a kitchen and a bathroom and one of them has a walk-in closet...

Needless to say, my dad and I went for a drive and decided that the studio was the best bet.  And it's right on campus, which means I don't have to waste gas every morning. 

So we went back to the complex, turned in my application, and put our money down.  It's a fast process with these apartments and I'm SO excited to move in. 

Afterwards, we were pretty tired...the drive to Fort Collins from Denver is a long one!  But on the way home, I mentioned Ikea, and Dad took a sudden exit and pretty soon, we were there!  It was so much fun looking around at furniture (we both need new stuff!) and spending time just doing random things. 

We came home, had pizza and a movie, and are emotionally preparing for The Hunger Games tomorrow (well, I am.)

I love this guy. 

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