Epic fail.

Friday, March 23, 2012 § 0

Today was a really great day until I checked my grade for my Psych test.

Honestly, it was such a shock because I thought I did so good.  I studied hard for it; I went to the review session; I took practice quizzes.

And I ended up doing worse than my last test; the one I thought I bombed.

Now, I sort of feel like a failure...which, I know, is a bit overdramatic considering that it's one test grade.  But the thing is, I have a scholarship riding on my grades, and, also, I'm extremely anal about grades.  I'm like Hermione Granger except not as smart.

I just sort of feel like crap, so I thought I'd vent here.....I'm going to go eat sushi with the pops tonight and hope that I can forget about this and just do better next time.


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