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Wednesday, February 8, 2012 § 0

Because I've been (shamefully) neglecting my blog for the past few days, I've forgotten to post my photo a day pictures.  So here's the rest of them so far:

 DAY 4
Letterbox of a letter.  Yes, I was trying to be clever.  It did not work so well.  

Something I wore.  This lovely shade of red glitter nail polish that, after taking this photo, I ruined by trying to put on a pair of new shoes.  Just wait for the nails to dry, Self!!!

Makes me smile: My absolutely generous roomie, who bought this for me.  So sweet. 

 DAY 7
Favorite: Fave hairstyle, ever, will always be maiden braids.  It keeps my hair out of my face and also looks incredibly adorable.  I'm in love. 

And today's photo of the day is.....going to be posted later on because I haven't done it yet. 


Also, I've got a new vlog out, so click the 'My Vlog' link on the top right corner to check it out.  

Cooper (that wasn't obnoxious at all)

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