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Monday, February 27, 2012 § 0

I always have a hard time picking my absolute number one favorite dress, but I think it's a tossup between these three lovelies:

Rooney Mara, SUCH a classy character.  Rooney only wears black and white, and it's usually black, so I love that she chose white for the Oscars.  Totally contrasts with that gorgeous inky black hair.  

The minute Molly and I saw Jessica Chastain in this dress, we both started screaming 'MCQUEEN! MCQUEEN!' because we just knew.  I'm so glad she went soft with her hair, too...it's simple but it goes perfectly with this dress.  LOVE. 

Who on God's good Earth could dislike something this gorgeous?  I had high hopes for Michelle, because she's one of my fashion icons, and she did not disappoint.  Peplum= AMAZING. Instant classic.  

Here are some of my other loves of the night: 

Okay, CANNOT get over this adorable vintage Dior polka dot dress...but Natalie, girl, what's with that hair?  The hair just ruined the entire ensemble for me.  It's pretty and all, but does not go with the dress.  She needs a braided chignon or a high bun or something.  I just felt bad for that beautiful dress. 

Always classic, always gorgeous, the lovely Emma Stone, everybody.  I love her and will love anything she ever chooses to wear, but after seeing this, I (along with the rest of the blogosphere) could not get Nicole Kidman's 2007 Balenciaga stunner out of my mind.  Same red hue, same neck bow...Emma, girl, I wanted something crazy original!  It's still a gorgeous dress on a gorgeous woman, but your oscar gown is not supposed to bring gowns from years past to mind!! Well, there's always next year...

All right, I know she's not really a starlet or anything but this Giuliana pretty much brought it yesterday.  This gown is stunning.  Maybe a half-updo would have looked better, but still, girl....WURK

And of course, my queen, my goddess, the light of my life...Mrs. Meryl Streep, everyone.  The moment I saw her, I was like, "there's no way she's not winning an Oscar DRESSED like an Oscar.  It just must happen."  AND IT DID.  I pretty much did a victory dance all over my dorm when she won.  P.S., her acceptance speech was the most adorable thing to ever grace this planet Earth.  Just saying.  Streeping hardcore over here.  

My favorite moments of the night: when The Artist won best director, best score, Jean DuJardin for Best Actor and then BEST EFFING PICTURE (a title the movie so rightly deserves). When the Streep won Best Actress...when Plummer won Best Supporting Actor for the first time in his 82 years (when he said "You're only two years older than me, darling, where have you been all my life?" I was pretty much sobbing out of joy)...when Rose Byrne and Melissa McCarthy did a 'Scorsese' shot....When the Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore won for Best Animated Short (I'm pretty sure I pulled a hamstring for all the victory dancing I did for that one)....Emma Stone's adorable presenter speech....loved it all.  All of it. 

I love the Oscars, people.  Love 'em. 

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