The weekend.

Saturday, August 27, 2011 § 0

It's a fine question, Violet Crawley.  I can hardly tell. 

Usually weekends are filled with joy and outings and lunch dates and movies and all those sorts of things.  However, this weekend is filled with distracting myself to the point where I don't notice when it's Sunday night and I have to go to class again in the morning.  

I actually do have things planned; I'm not going to be a complete and utter loner today.  I'm having a movie night with one of my suitemates next door, and the fact that I'll actually have a real TV to watch something on instead of a 13" computer screen is going to be very lovely indeed.  Oh, that and interaction with another person.  That'll be nice, too. 

And on Sunday I'm going to get lunch with a girl from Southlake, a town near where I used to live.  This is going to be much better than sitting in front of my computer, moony-eyed at Downton Abbey on Netflix or driving around aimlessly in my car, sobbing to 'It'll All Work Out' by Tom Petty.  Yes, I think hanging out with actual people will really do me some good.  

Until tomorrow, 

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