the pros and cons about next week: aka becoming a CSU student

Monday, August 8, 2011 § 0

I've been driving myself INSANE lately, which I imagine is a common action being performed by all soon-to-be college students.  Things need to be packed and sorted, including emotions, and I've got to start preparing myself for a change of lifestyle very soon.

That all sounds very dramatic, mind you, but I can't help but be dramatic as I am a nervous wreck.  In fact, the only thing keeping me together right now is thinking of all of the things I'll get to look forward to in the upcoming year.  In fact, there are both pros and cons to becoming a college student in Colorado (or elsewhere, but for blog's sake let's say CSU) and leaving your parents far, far behind, and that, folks, is how you transition into your blog post entitled:

PRO #1

Independence.  Being independent takes all the things that were once menial and boring and turns them awesome and fun.  FOR EXAMPLE: 

1. Grocery shopping 
2. Laundry
3. Sending mail
4. Driving long distances

Just saying. 

CON #1

Having to remember things that your parents would usually just remind you of.  Eye doctor appointments?  Getting your oil changed? Fixing your clock for daylight savings time???

PRO #2

In Colorado, Winter means 8 months of blistering cold.  It also means getting to wear things like this: 
Oxfords, skinny cords, oversize sweatshirts, knit scarves, riding boots- who could possibly ask for more?

CON #2

Not being able to wear things like this in the blistering Texas heat: 

Oh, sundresses, shorts, bathing suits and sandals, you will be missed.

PRO #3

No more stupid high school people.  No more stupid lunch lines in the stupid cafeteria.  No more stupid girls talking in giant groups blocking the hallway.  No more obnoxious kids that don't care about their education and being stupid.  No more stupid high school. 


I'm dreaming of getting my breakfast and taking it up to my room, and going to a class where people actually care what the teacher has to say....ah, bliss!

CON #3

Maintaining good grades, an adequate social life, and extracurriculars all at the same time is hard to do without becoming a vegetable.  Well, so I've heard.  

I don't want to end on a con, so here's the last pro: 

PRO #4

Meeting new people, decorating your dorm, falling in love with your future career, and falling in love with your college.  

Yay for pros and cons lists!




I'm still scared crap-less.  Lord help me.

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