a fair warning.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011 § 0

Life lately is very college-crazy.  There are things to do, things to pack, things to freak out about, you name it.  Just a fair warning: if you are annoyed by long rants, nostalgia, and anything college-prep related, you may want to stay away from my blog for at least a week or so.

I was talking to my best friend today, and she agreed- is it terrible that I'd like my freshman year of college to fly by?  I want to get used to things, fall into a routine, and get used to the fact that I'm 800 miles away from family 85% of the year.  

Something that helps me keep positive lately is The Jimmy Fallon Show.  He, out of all of the TV hosts in all the land, is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE.  He's the best.  Here's a clip from his show that makes me laugh every time.


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