Day 29: Favorite TV Shows

Sunday, May 1, 2011 § 0

Nothing, NOTHING beats Pushing Daisies.  And here's why:

Lee Pace as Ned the Piemaker

He's so adorable in so many ways.  Ned is shy, vulnerable, and sweet and yet can be protective and authoritative (sexy) when he needs to be.  

The Ned/Chuck Dynamic

Seriously, was there ever a cuter TV couple?  

They can't touch, otherwise she'll die (Ned can bring people back to life for one minute otherwise someone else has to die in their place, and if he touches that person again they will die forever: she was brought to life for more than a minute).  They find other ways to be a couple, and it's so clear that they love each other throughout the entire series.  

 The Writing

It's hilarious.  'Nuff said. 

The Plot

I pretty much already explained to you the basics: he touches someone, they come to life, he touches them again, they're dead, etc etc.  But the way they incorporate this sense of magic into the series and also make it this hilarious cop show is just amazing to me.  I hate shows about police work and crime fighting and Law and Order, what have you, and yet I still love this show.  

And last but not least: 
Chuck's Style 

She wears a ton of 1950's swing dresses, bright colors, cloche hats and flowered headbands, and classic silhouettes.  She is my style icon.  

If you've never seen this show, catch an episode.  Sadly (so sadly) it wasn't picked up after the second season, and yet I still watch the episodes over and over again (but you must be eating pie whilst watching).  The colors and style and writing and romance of this show makes it my favorite of all time.  

Other favorite shows: 30 Rock, The Office, Ace of Cakes, Say Yes to the Dress

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