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Monday, September 10, 2012 § 0

So, a lot of exciting things happened this weekend.  For one, my sister came down to visit me at my apartment and we had a total girls weekend- we watched the movie Tonight You're Mine which was AMAZING and I plan on buying with my next paycheck:

And then we went to get sushi at a place near my apartment called Suh Sushi.  But here's the thing- they refused to serve my sister a drink because they didn't know how to read her Texas license.  It was ridiculous!  We ended up going to a place called Jeju in Old Town instead, and sat outside and ate sushi and watched the sun go down.  Oh, and watched a girl pass out in front of the restaurant out of drunkenness.  It was lovely.

OH YEAH- and then there was that time this weekend when my parents got my NEW CAR.  Well, not completely new.  I've had some money saved for a while and my dad agreed to spend all day Saturday looking at cars from Craigslist for me as long as I sent him a list of my favorites.  The first one he looked at was grand- white, clean, but totally greased over by a creepy car dealer.  Then they looked at one right after that was being sold by this guy that was going into the military and eventually going to become a priest.  He was so nice and honest, and the car had been so well taken care of that my parents told me they couldn't pass it up.  PLUS it's red, which my mom insisted was more 'me'.

Which means goodbye to my precious Yunioshi:

And hello to my lovely Subaru!!: 

Technically I don't get it until Friday since the guy we bought it from just recently paid it off and doesn't have the title from the bank yet.  This means that I'm lying in wait to drive this glorious vehicle and I can hardly stand it.  

ANYHOO, hope your weekend was as lovely as mine.  Now, here comes the week......

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