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Friday, September 21, 2012 § 0

So today, I was regaling a story about a friend of mine to the kids I babysit, and they wouldn't stop badgering me about why I wouldn't marry him, so I figured it wouldn't hurt to tell them that he only likes guys.

Maybe that was a bad decision.  The kids are 8 and 12, so I figured they've heard something about homosexuality before, especially in today's world when everything you see on TV has some sort of innuendo written in- but anyway, I mentioned it.

"Wait, only guys?" The boy I babysit was so confused.  So I told him, yes, only guys.  He's gay.
"That's so weird."  That was both of the kids' reactions, and they were so confused, in the worst possible way.  They were almost...disgusted.  I have to say, I was kind of disappointed.  Well, really disappointed.

The family these kids are a part of are extremely christian, and there's nothing wrong with that.  I definitely understand raising your children with a belief set in mind- that's your perogative.  It's not my place to tell you how you should raise your children.

But just a thought- whatever you believe in, whether gay marriage should be legal or not- shouldn't you raise your kids to accept others, no matter who they are, no matter what your belief system is?  These kids are going to grow up in a world where being gay is celebrated and something to be proud of no matter how old you are (as it should be), and they can't be unwilling to like someone or get to know someone just because they can't see past their sexuality.

I know things aren't going to change overnight with a blog post that probably no one reads, but I felt like it was important to get this out there.  ACCEPTANCE, PEOPLE.  Teach it, spread it, yada yada yada.

Btw, here's a fun video about a little boy meeting two husbands for the first time:

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