Well, that's a bit of bad luck.

Monday, December 20, 2010 § 1

With a new year comes a new blog...

But that isn't what happened with me.  My stupid-face email was sending out spam to everyone in my contacts- and yes, this includes people I hardly speak to anymore and old teachers of mine- sending them ads for Viagra. 

I figured, really, what better way to combat the evilness of this spam than to delete my email account entirely?

And it worked! But it also deleted my beloved blog, the one of which I had around 20 or so sweet entries about my day-to-day life. 

Oh, woe is me.  I'm sure my one follower was very disappointed. 

That being said, I now have a new blog and a new email and everything is just dandy.  After all, Christmas is in a few days, and after that, I may be updating this on a brand-new Macbook, instead of this 1990 juggernaut. 


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  • Lauren says:

    I don't understand the pleasure hackers get from sending viagra spam to people. My email was hacked just yesterday and I sware I saw my life flash before me.

    new beginnings are a good thing though!

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